MEGA-IP is an innovative and extremely versatile system with high processing power, which introduces new standards to hotel management and domotics in general. Born from two decades of experience in the “building automation” sector, it uses the most up-to-date technologies currently available on the market. Control units connected to the Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol make the system simple to install and allows existing infrastructures to be used, thus preventing the need for new BUS connections.
Modularity and configurability, along with new monitoring and control devices, hugely broadening the fields of application for the MEGA-IP compared to previous systems: hotels, residences, villas, offices are just some of the places where it can be used. Specific modules for the management of air conditioning, lighting, electric shutters, etc., so that installations can be adapted to specific needs, ensuring maximum energy saving and guests comfort.
The use of glass touch panels introduces a touch of design and originality to the system, giving it greater functionality and reducing mechanical wear and possibilities of breakdown.

Proximity card readers

Room activators

Temperature control panels

Electric shutters control panels

Lights control panels